You see them pop up all around the internet. Smooth animations that start running when the element is on your screen. Today I am going to show you how you can make your own animations like this using React.js and Framer Motion!

Today you will be learning what you can see on this site!

The setup

Firstly, we are going to create a new react app. You can do this by running the following command:

npx create-react-app react-framer

When that is done, we are going to install the dependencies we need. Don’t worry we only need two of them.

npm i react-intersection-observer…

The K-nearest neighbour algorithm is an amazing piece of mathematics with many use-cases all over programming! You have probably already encountered a KNN algorithm in the wild too. Rating systems heavily rely on these algorithms to suggest you items that might be of interest.
Today we are going to have a look at how you can make your very own KNN rating system with Python!

What does it do?

A great question to start with, how does it work and what do we use it for?
Have a look at the following graph.

Alright! If you have ever visited my personal site while I was listening music, you have probably seen this little message pop up. Giving you some real-time information about the music I am listening to right now.

Today I will be guiding you through the setup of this so you can take your own portfolio site to another level! So grab your favourite code editor and let’s get started!

Maybe you have heard about Supabase already? It is becoming quite the buzz lately. The open-source Firebase alternative is taking the world by storm.
In this article you can find the features and reasons why it is totally worth making the switch!

Wait, what is Supabase?

If you have never heard of Supabase then you are missing out. Supabase is the free and open source Firebase alternative! Making it possible to create a backend with an API, authentication, storage and a PostgreSQL database in minutes!

What makes it awesome?

It’s Free!

Yep, that title is no joke. Supabase is open source and totally free. They have recently added a really…

If we have a look at available databases, we see a clear line, drawn in the middle. On one side, relational systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite. On the other side, non-relational ones like MongoDB or Neo4j. In this article you will learn the difference between them and which ones, you should use when!

Picture by Joshua Coleman (

Relational data

We call this sort of data relational or structured data. If you think of databases and storage this is probably what you are thinking of.
Rows and columns of data neatly ordered with a pre-defined structure.

Alright, I know I don’t have that much experience in life. I am only twenty years old, but that does not mean that I don’t have experience pitching. I have participated in numerous hackathons with a close to 100% win rate and pitched multiple business ideas in front of successful entrepreneurs. Trust me I know what I am talking about.
Pitching is one of those things that you either love or hate but I believe I can turn you into a pitch master with just a couple of tips.

Picture by Headway (

Your deck

Possibly the most important part of your pitch if you aren’t…

This is a tricky question that I get asked a lot. Is it still worth your time to write custom CSS in 2021? I don’t think anyone knows the right answer to this question to be honest with you. What I do know is that I have an opinion about this topic. Feel free to have a look at my view on CSS in 2021.

The Yes

Creating the right styling for your website or application is crucial. It conveys your brand and what you want to achieve. Something to think about though is if it is worth your time. Creating the…

As you may already know, I am a university student. Which major am I taking? Well, that would be computer science. The thought of me following a computer science course may be enough to have you burst out in laughter. Why would anyone like me, someone with quite an extensive skill set and a great job as a software developer still want to get a degree in computer science?
In this article, I hope to clarify why I don’t drop out and why you shouldn't do it either.

Picture by Vasily Koloda (


Did you know that migrating without a degree can be really difficult…

Your code probably gets really long, really fast. Luckily for you, JavaScript has a lot of built-in ways to make your code shorter. Below you can find a list of shortcuts that I use almost daily. All of these shortcuts save me a lot of time and I learned most of them during coding competitions where I got rewarded points based on the length of my code.


If you are somewhat known with programming then you have probably heard of ternary operators. Those exist in JavaScript as well!
Using ternaries can save you a lot of space. …

I bet you have already heard of console.log but did you know that the console class in JavaScript is capable of so much more? Below I have bundled the 3 features that you should really know when debugging your code in JavaScript!


The easy way to log large objects! When using console.log to print out large objects you will quickly see that it becomes a hassle to click open everything and find the property you are looking for.
Just use console.table() which formats your object in a table that you can easily browse through!

Dries Augustyns

Hi there! My name is Dries and I am a Full-Stack TypeScript Engineer!

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