The tool my team and I can’t live without

It doesn’t happen very often that a tool comes by that changes up the entire scene. Some time ago my friends and I encountered Linear, and it truly changed the way we handle our development.

Linear is — as their caption says — the issue tracking tool you’ll enjoy using, and that is no empty promise. It offers you incredible features that no other tool has. In this article, I go over a few of the features that hopefully convince you to make the switch to this amazing platform.

A fantastic community

Truly something that sets Linear apart from other tools is the amazing community of developers that are backing it. I would like to highlight one project in particular and that is Alistair Smith’s linear-discord-serverless repository. This open-source tool gives you the ability to have the changes made in your Linear board broadcasted to a Discord server. Many startups are switching to Discord to handle their internal communication so it is critical that your project management tool is able to work with that!

Native desktop applications

That is right, Linear has desktop applications for both Windows and macOS. Web-based project management tools are often very clunky and don’t function how you want them to. Well do not worry any longer and just install Linear already!

It is speedy

Oh, trust me it is. They claim it on their site but it is true. With Linear there is no waiting. Everything happens almost instantaneous, from creating an issue to updating its status. Linear is fast because you engineering can’t wait!

Integration with Github

Your linear board integrates with Github. It almost feels like magic, that is how smooth it works. Simply link your repositories to Linear and you can start using the automation tools. For each new issue you create, Linear creates a unique branch name. Push to that specific branch and Linear will automatically move that issue from the backlog to in progress. Requested a review from a fellow contributor? Well, Linear has a status for that too! Merge the pull request and your issue will automatically be closed.
Now that is what I call true magic!

Have a day filled with wisdom! 💗

Hi there! My name is Dries and I am a Full-Stack TypeScript Engineer!

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